• Simple Report

    Simple QROM Range of Motion Test Report

    The 'Simple Report' option provides range of motion test results that are easy to understand. This report gives you a simple way to share feedback with your patients. Our clients have told us that they regularly email this report to their patients and have seen an increase in follow-up visits with those patients.

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  • Detailed Report

    Detailed QROM Range of Motion Test Report

    Q-ROM does the work for you and provides all the numbers used in the calculation of dual-inclinometry. Based on where the primary and secondary sensors are placed, it determines the true range of motion in that area. All the data needed to prove use of dual-inclinometry is shown in the 'Detailed Report.'

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  • Historical Report

    Historical QROM Range of Motion Test Report

    'Historical Report' provides documented proof that your treatment is effective. Q-ROM stores your patients’ measurements then creates colorful time-lined charts. Your patients not only feel better, but can also see objective evidence that you have improved their mobility, health, and well-being. A lot of patients have shared this report with their friends and family and that has led to patient referrals.

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