Q-ROM Sensors

Sensor Page ImageThe Q-ROM Sensors contain the latest advancements in non-invasive motion sensing technology. This technology, combined with proprietary motion processing algorithms, allows fast, easy and reliable range of motion measurements with minimal operator involvement. The entire protocol requires less than a minute.

Advanced Technology Enables Functional Advantages

Elimination of the need for sensor re-orientation, the entire protocol of measurement can be completed in less than a minute.
Accuracy & Reliability
Due to minimal physical involvement of the operator in each movement, the measurements best represent the patient’s true active range of motion.
True Rotation Measurement
Q-ROM's patent-pending motion processing technology eliminates the need for the patient to lie down for rotation measurement.
Minimal Supervision
In Q-ROM Station's Single-Sensor-Mode, minimal supervision is required to evaluate the patient's entire cervical ranges of motion (Flexion/Extension, Lateral Flexion (Right/Left), and Rotation (Right/Left).
Automatic Calibration
Real-time and continuous motion processing allows automatic calibration by the software.