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Q-ROM upgraded with six-axis transducers for 2.5x improvement.


Q-ROM expands usage in diagnosis and treatment of migraines. 


TyQ reignites interest in ROM at the FCA National Convention 2012.


TyQ adds multi-lingual audio instruction to the Q-ROM Station.

Q-ROM Station

The Q-ROM Station's colorful and detailed reports make billing and patient education simple.
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"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy having your TyQ Cervical Range of Motion Station in my office. The ease of use and professional reports makes getting reimbursed from insurance much easier! I also use it during health screenings to get potential patients  to commit to scheduling new appointments for my office. Thank you!"

- Dr. Kurt Miller

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Revolutionary Q-ROM Station

QROM Range of Motion Sensor Placement

The Q-ROM Station is a revolutionary diagnostic system that quickly and accurately measures spinal ranges of motion. The combination of the latest technologies used to develop this system results in an ideal ROM evaluation product for chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists, and researchers.

Unlike other computer-based ROM systems which use crude one-dimensional sensing technology, the Q-ROM Sensors consist of three-dimensional transducers that eliminate the need for re-orienting the sensor or re-positioning the patient between measurements.

The Q-ROM Station is not only operator-friendly but also patient-friendly! Its aesthetic appeal and real-time motion animation make it unique, interesting and fun. In fact, many of our clients have shared with us that they have had patients actually look forward to being tested again!

Range of Motion